Screens-Windows 스크린-창문 Workshop

  • College of Art & Design, Khung Hee University
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • November 20, 2018 – November 23, 2018

Screens-Windows 스크린-창문 workshop was a multi-prompt inquiry into barriers and restrictions present in the design process. It addressed various sets of circumstances, including software, hardware, interior and exterior, screen compression, file compression, reflection, and mirroring. The main objective of the workshop was to explore how familiar routines and digital gateways can provide access or links to digital landscapes of playful graphic space. As a result of the workshop, an online exhibition of moving works hosted on was created.

Workshop by Lauren Thorson
Dates: November 20–23, 2018
Final works:
Coordinators/Faculty: Dr. Ji Yeon Jeong, 채 병록 Chae Byungrok
Workshop Assistants: Dabin Han 한다빈, Haeun Yoon 윤 하은, Taylor Stewart
Guest Designer & Lecturer: Youngha Park
Location: Kyung Hee University College of Art & Design
South Korea, Gyeonggi-do, Yongin-si, Giheung-gu, Hagal-dong, 626

Workshop Participants

  • Seong-Hoon Moon 문 성훈
  • Suyeon Lee 이수연 
  • Jimin Kim 김지민
  • Jooae Kim 김주애 
  • Haeun Yoon 윤 하은
  • Suh Hyun Woong (Hyunwoong Seo) 서현웅
  • Subin Jeong 정수빈 
  • Chan Jong Lee 이찬종
  • Song I Park 박송이 
  • Hanyoung (Hannah) Jang 장하영
  • Dokyoung Kwon 권도경
  • Song Yuri 송유리
  • Donghoon Han 한동훈
  • Kiyo Rea 리아 키로
  • Huda Ali 후다 알리 
  • Seoyeon Bang 방서연
  • Hyerim Jang 장혜림
  • Jinwon Kim 김진원
  • Dabin Han 한다빈
  • Kyung Min Lee 이경민
  • Inyoung Oh 오인영
  • Hee-yeon Na 나희연
  • Yeojin Jeong 정여진
  • Hyeonji Kim 김현지 
  • Jiwoo Jung 정지우
  • Gesnouin Doria
  • Charissa Au 케리사 오  
  • Sarah Bauer 사라 바우어 
  • Addie Johnson 애디 존슨 
  • Joon Kim  김준표
  • Mia Navarro 미아  나바로 
  • Nix Ni 닉스  니 
  • Kim Peters 킴 피터 
  • Yi Song 이 송 
  • Julia Straley 줄리아  스트라레이 
  • Steck Von 스텍 본