Multiple Formats: Intervening Steps & Invitations into Space Workshop

  • Doosung Paper
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • October 16, 2017 – October 18, 2017

Workshop by Lauren Thorson
Dates: October 16 – 18, 2017
Workshop & exhibition location: Doosung Paper
Workshop Coordinator: 채 병록 Chae Byungrok
Workshop Assistants: Ko Hyunjeong 고현정, Kim Jiyeon 김지연, Kim Kyungjun 김경준, Pyun Seohee 변서희

Multiple formats: intervening steps & invitations into space was a prompt-based program for participants to examine the relationships between physical and graphic space, using only the paper found within the Doosung Paper’s warehouse, the location of the workshop, and the final exhibition. asserts that “Paper is, in itself, civilization and culture, it is a tool,” and “a play space for paper.” Keeping this in mind, the participants were provided with tools and encouraged to play within the warehouse, using standardized paper sizes as ‘bricks’ to build new graphic spaces. They worked collaboratively to examine the components, intended audience, potential uses, and what the space had to offer.

Workshop Participants

  • Go Jee-Yoon 고지연
  • Kim Minjeong 김민정
  • Nam Jeongwoo 남정우 
  • Gesnouin Doria 게수 인 도리아
  • Park Hyewon 박혜원
  • Song Wonkyung 송원경 
  • Yoon Ha-Eun 윤하은
  • Hanna Jang 장하영
  • Choi Yiji 최이지
  • Choi Jo-Eun 최 조은
  • Han Donghoon 한동훈 
  • Huda Ali 후다 알리
  • Drew Sisk 드류 시스 크 MFA 2018
  • Stephen Parks 스티븐 파크, MFA 2018
  • Bailey James 베일리 제임스 BFA 2018
  • Ren Schwarz, 렌 슈왈츠 BFA 2018