Station Model: 10012

  • Younger than Storefront: Five-Day Artist Residencies
  • Artist-in-residence
  • Storefront for Art and Architecture
  • 97 Kenmare Street New York, NY 10012
  • January 14, 2013 – January 18, 2013

Station Model: 10012 at Storefront for Art and Architecture served as a live weather reporting station and archive based upon digital and analog collection of meteorological observations for zip code 10012.

Younger than Storefront: Five-Day Artist Residency as part of the exhibition Being; an exhibition that looks into the history of Storefront as a place to amplify, question, unveil, connect, disrupt, merge, react and experiment with individuals, ideas and things from the past 30 years. Storefront sought 11 individuals whose work represents contemporary radical positions.

Being engaged with nine actions that reflect Storefront’s mission and how it operates. The artists-in-residence worked in the corner space of the gallery at Kenmare and Cleveland, which is exposed to the street and open to gallery visitors and passersby. Artists-in-residence were expected to adapt to the temperature and weather changes that will take place throughout the course of the exhibition.