Only Posters

  • Group exhibition by "Posters Only"
  • 822 W Broad St, Richmond, VA
  • December 3, 2021

Only Posters was an exhibition of works from the Fall 2021 session of Posters Only. 822 W Broad St, Richmond, VA, December 3, 2021. Live Music by Midnight Taxi. @PostersOnly

Featuring works by: Aliza Bucci, Devin Buck, Paige Cassidy, Laila Errazzouki, Micah Fitzgerald, Cade Gromos, Natalie Iman, Lindsay Magnant, Jayce Nguyen, Yeanpu Nimely, Hiro Nishikawa, Zoe Pearson, Sarah Richardson, Elora Romo, Lizzy Shin, Emily Sieber, Petra Tuzun, Ana Zuniga

Exhibition Mascot: Bart Simpson

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