Anderson Publishing Grant, Spring 2020 *Web edition*

  • Poster design
  • The Anderson
  • 11 x 16 inches
  • Richmond, VA
  • 2020

Poster design for Spring 2020 Web edition of Anderson Publishing Grant

See more: Anderson Publishing Grant poster series (2018–present)

The Anderson Publishing Grant was developed with Chase Westfall the director of The Anderson in fall 2018, an ongoing initiative aimed at supporting student editions within VCU’s School of the Arts. This grant supports student projects of all kinds including traditional bound publications, zines, experimental book forms, posters, audio/video media, and digital or web-based publication.

The promotion of the grant assigns publishing in its most basic sense ‘to make something public’ repositioning the poster format as public wall. The series evolves as a caricature of the modern graffiti site, each design is a result of covering the previous and re-writing its form. The work is a collaboration with James Payne, who draws on his skills as a former graffiti writer to generate typographic illustrations used for each iteration.