Wikipedia Random Article Collection

  • Workshop, Curatorial
  • January 1, 2013 – January 1, 2016

Wikipedia Random Article Collection (now defunct) supported a web-to-print-based artistic practice that utilized search engines and other algorithmic operations as content generators. From this content, zines were generated by a variety of participants from around the world including students, colleagues, peers, and professionals in a variety of fields. Today it serves as an archive inspired by content generated from Wikipedia’s random article search function. When functioning, the entire Wikipedia Random Article Collection and/or individual zines were available as print-on-demand.

A collection of the first zines made for the Wikipedia Random Article Collection are featured in the Library of the Printed Web, an archive of web-to-print artists’ publications that was recently acquired by the Museum of Modern Art. The collection is an important resource for the study of print-based experimental publishing in the early 21st century.